1. This glamourous shot and edit is by a Brazilian photographer, Babi Lemos. She made fantastic use of our app with this stunning shot of a model on a beach. Check out the rest of her wonderful pictures on Instagram and follow her: @Babilemos

  2. Here is a truly fantastic shot and edit. One word, amazing! Congratulations @izztagram. Follow him on instagram: @izztagram

  3. Here is an amazing shot and edit of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. You did a fantastic job, @kirkir85! Follow her on instagram: @kirkir85

  4. Amazing shot and edit by @le_one. Congratulations :) Follow her on instagram: @le_one 

  5. We loved this photo and thanking so much to @lavendarlx for her lovely edit! Follow her on instagram: @lavendarlx 

  6. What a cute kid with a lovely dog. @3robins shows an amazing example of how you can edit with DeluxeFX. Follow her on instagram: @3robins

  7. Just saw this amazing edit on twitter, from Taryn O’Neill who is an actor (IMDB link)! She says:

    “Just edited this #sunset out a plane pic with #deluxefx -What a great photo app!”

    Thank you so much Taryn :) Follow her on instagram: @tarynoneill

  8. A very lovely edit from @mariamarchetti, we really loved the colours and the patterns. Follow her on instagram: @mariamarchetti

  9. A very creative example of how you can edit photos with DeluxeFX, we are thanking @moondin very much for his photo. Follow him on instagram: @moondin

  10. This is an awesome edit from our lovely friend, Dayana who is always and always kind. Follow her on instagram: @dayana70